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Kusasa Phillip was born on 15 July 1975 in Chipinge District, Zimbabwe. He is of Ndau origins. Phillip was born and raised in an indigenous village called Bangira under Chief Musikavanhu. His father was a great Mutshongoyo dancer that most of his childhood Phillip used to follow his father whenever there was a dancing competition. In fact, that love for traditional dances inspired his current projects. Phillip founded a number of culture oriented projects, for example, Ndau Festival of the Arts and Paiyapo Arts Development and Heritage Centre both in Chipinge. Like any other indigenes, Phillip feels that culture is the centre-nerve of modern economy. It is therefore mandatory for any cultural group to recover and revitalize what defines their roots or past. After he fully involved himself in cultural activities, in 2019 Phillip was nominated among the 100 Great Zimbabweans, a project run by Alpha Holdings Media. 

The program celebrates individuals who commit their energy to community development. Also in the same year Phillip won a ticket to attend a Creative Climate Leadership workshop in Wales, UK. He was invited on the strength of the projects that he coordinate backyard that prioritize culture in the fight against climate change. For Phillip indigenous cultures should not be relegated in any way. Phillip is a teacher-cum-artist. He is a holder of Diploma in Education and Bachelor of Arts Degree . He is also a writer and researcher. Currently he has contributed to a poetry anthology called The Dark Moon (Cyclone Idai poems and letters). Phillip is also into photography and documentaries on environmental conservation activism.He is one of the Ndau language development proponents, for he believes that without mother tongue the world would be alien to its dwellers.


Ndau Festival of the Arts An organisation inspired with the Ndau Environmental philosophies.

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